To allow creativity, sensuality and desire to flow.


Ideal for;

  • meditation
  • bringing balance to your sacral chakra - taping into your home of pleasure & intimacy and connection
  • combined with the 'Balance' range can allow your creativity direction for manifestation
  • combined with the 'Well-being' range to support healing to the reproductive system

Inspire concentrate

    • Apply 3-4 drops into a diffuser 

    •  Apply 5 drops to a warm bath

    • Create a steam inhalation 4-6 drops in a bowl of hot water as an alternative to when you do not have a diffuser

    • Apply a full amount of your pipette to make a 30ml room spray for when traveling, ensure the water is distilled (boil the kettle and allow the water to cool first before applying blend into the water) mix thoroughly so you have you own little room spray for on the go!