Manifest your dreams roller ball duo


Inspire:  Use first to awaken creativity & sensuality 


Balance: Use after to ground and give our creativity direction


Create yourself a quiet, clear and peaceful place for your meditation; bring blankets, pillows & eye pillows to allow yourself to find comfort during your meditation.


Before you begin if you are still feeling a little tense allow your body some movement to release some stagment energy; from cat and cow movements, shaking of the wrists to doing a few sun salutations. Do what feels best for you before you begin.


When you are ready to begin invite your Inspire rollerball as it awakens our creativity rolling to the tips of your fingertips, cupping your hands in front of your nose and taking three deep breaths in and out through the nose.

Whether you are sitting up or lying down, bring your hands to your lower belly over your 2nd chakra (Svadisthana), home to our; creativity, joy & pleasure. Imagining an orange jewel glowing brighter with each breath that you take as you feel it radiate warmth throughout your body. Taking hold of your intention or use an affirmation to silently repeat to yourself 3 times, if you do not have one allow yourself to be open like a vessel repeating the Svadisthana affirmation; 'I am creative, I am inspired'.


Allow yourself to bring presense to your breath allowing it to become your bridge from your body and mind as you allow the inhales to rise from the lower belly, to the sides of your body taking it right to the top of the chest. Exhaling out from the chest all the way back down to your lower belly. Stay here from anything from 10minutes to when you feel most comfortable and present.


To end invite your Balance roller ball to ground you and give your intention direction to manifest.


Manifest your dreams meditation duo