A womens blend to balance energy and hormone levels. Acting as a tonic to the reproductive system and reconnect you to your body and heart.


  • To bring calm when emotions are high and feeling un-balanced
  • To ease pre menstral tension
  • To bring healing after sufering from trauma
  • Massage the body oil in a tender way to your whole body, bringing particular loving focus to your womb space heart, breasts, neck and shoulders.


YlangYlang balances energy and hormone levels. Rose acts as a general tonic to the reproductive system. Sweet Marjoram eases menstrual problems, muscles & joints and tones the digestive system. Lemongrass improves muscle tone and calms the nervous system and Lavender binds and balances the blend into a synergistic treatment for the whole body creating a sense of wellbeing for any woman. This oil is the perfect aid to recovery from any trauma.

Well-being body oil

  • 100ml

  • This is a gentle blend but should be avoided in the first 6 months of pregnancy – patch test before first use.