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Listen to your heart


Mindful Movement, Ceremonial Cacao & Sound


Welcome to an afternoon of self love.

Taking you through a journey back to the heart through; mindful movement, breath work, crystal sound healing and ceremonial cacao.​


No previous yoga or meditation experience needed, just an open heart.

Ashlyn will begin the afternoon guiding you through a grounding breath work to prepare us for a heart chakra inspired flow, moving in a slow & mindful way opening the body and bringing about a deeper connection to the self.

With our body and mind soothed we will immerse ourselves into the ancient ritual of *ceremonial cacao, a plant medicine served in the form of a drink. Cacao is known for its beautiful heart opening properties, that will support you to the door of opportunity, lovingly without pressure.

Cacao has been used in ancient ceremonies throughout mesoamerica for at least 5,000 years, serving as a tool for connecting to the energetic space of your heart as well as those around you. Where they understand the sacredness of this plant medicine and how the spirit of the cacao can assist in allowing us to dissolve all those barriers that we have against ourselves, so we can remember the language of the heart, so we can begin to listen, but also speak from that space of truth.

With our hearts open, you will be guided through a crystal sound meditation by Alice Rose (a sound alchemy practitioner) as we take time to absorb the beauty of the cacao, offering you space in which to simply be, sense and feel. Finishing with a closing circle, offering space for anyone wanting to share or ask questions.

*Ceremonial doses of Cacao are not recommended for somebody who is taking antidepressants (Cacao contains MAO inhibitors), has a serious heart condition, has very high blood pressure or suffers epilepsy. Please speak to your doctor if you consider taking ceremonial doses of Cacao in any of these cases. Raw Cacao contains Histamine. Pregnant women should take smaller amounts.

Location: Fisical mind & body studio

Time: 2.45pm - 5.15pm

Investment: £40

Dates: No August Gathering, our next one is Sunday 5th September.

NB: Due to social distancing, this gathering will be significantly reduced in size. Refunds are not offered for events, unless someone can fill your spot. Please be sure you can make the event before booking.

About Ashlyn: Ashlyn is a yoga teacher, body worker and space holder. Lovingly creating nurturing safe spaces for others to connect and feel held within the safe container. Ashlyn is also an aromatherapist and believes the power of essential oils can play a huge impact on the mind, body and spirit. So depending on the type of class, mood or time of day you will be subjected to essential oils lightly diffused within the room.


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