Studio Classes

"Yogas chitta vritti nirodha" Yoga happens when the fluctuations of the mind still. 


The name Yoga comes from one of the Sanskrit translations for; 'Union' this union can be understood as combining the practice of the physical body as well as the mind with the use of our breath to allow us to move through a mediative flow, preparing our bodies to find comfort and stillness in our lying meditation 'Savasana'. Ultimately a chance to find the benefits we create to the body, mind and spirit on the mat which we can carry off into our daily lives. 

Yoga is Union, Freedom, Connection, Truth and a chance for us to find our Truth as we move and breath in a way that encourages a deeper listening to what's happening within.


The main components of yoga are asanas (postures) a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility.

Each teacher will guide you through a practice unique to their own style. Using breathing techniques, to mantras and guided meditation. 

There are many benefits of yoga which include;

  • Improved flexibility

  • Improved posture

  • Clearer mind

  • Gain energy and positivity

Below the class types are broken up into groups for, alignment based classes ideal for beginners. Slow movement classes for a mindful flow. Restorative based classes incorporating mindfulness and meditation practices, energising classes to build fire yet ground you. As well as a descriptions on our Teen and prenatal yoga classes.

Class Types 


Basic Elements 

This class is specifically designed for students wishing to learn the basics of yoga. Each week we will work through a series of poses and breath practices, taught with alignment based teachings so that you can savour and feel each pose, learn about your body and your unique alignment within yoga. This class is for anyone new to yoga, or wishing to explore and deepen their knowledge through alignment focussed teachings.

An all levels class, ideal for beginners.
(Returning soon)

Gentle Flow 

A gentler practice of the Vinyasa Flow, where we will be moving through the poses more slowly with added instruction and demonstration, with an introduction of combining the breath with the movement, with elements of restorative poses added for ultimate relaxation.

An all levels class - suitable for beginners

Saturday: 10am


Iyengar Yoga is a powerful and sophisticated discipline which can be practiced in all stages of life. The benefits are far-reaching and will assist the practitioner in every aspect of daily living.
Involving excellence of technique and sequencing, moving through a safe, methodical progression of yoga postures. The well-qualified teacher will provide a clear demonstration and explanation and individual correction and adjustment when necessary.

An all levels class - ideal for beginners

Monday & Thursday: 9.15am


Slow Vinyasa
To help you find the space between poses while still retaining the uninterrupted rhythm of a flow yoga class. Bringing together a mindful Flow, breath work with moments to restore with the opportunity to add modifications to the practice like in a vinyasa flow class.

An all levels class with intermediate options offered

Thursday: 7pm

Chakra Flow

Chakra Flow is based on a Hatha style and suitable for mixed levels. Each week focuses on a different chakra, offering healing and balance to the body's seven main energy centres.

An all levels class (75minute class)

Wednesday: 7.45pm


Power Hatha 
Expect your usual free flowing hatha; pausing in poses and taking time for breath... just with a little bit more spice thrown in. The teacher will demonstrate the more challenging aspects of the class as you focus on strengthening your body and building heat. Power Hatha is dynamic yet fluid, focusing on yoga as well as some fitness based movements thrown in.
An all levels class
Sunday: 10am

Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic practice combining breath and movement. Releasing tension in the body and mind while developing focus, mobility, stamina and flexibility.  An uninterrupted flow, finding the calm amongst the storm, the stillness in the movement and the flow in the stillness.

This is an intermediate class for those with a regular practice. Not suitable for beginners.

Tuesday: 6pm 

Friday: 9.20am 

Saturday: 8.45am

Morning Flow

Start your day with a breath-centric morning flow that will start slow, gently waking up your muscles and mind, moving into an energising sequence that will leave you feeling positive and ready to start your day. This is an open level class that can be modified or advanced to suit however you are feeling

An all levels class 

Tuesday: 9.30am

A low impact, high intensity workout. Combining elements of; Pilates, Yoga and Ballet inspired moves. Designed to fatigue your muscles with small, targeted high repetition movements. Expect to feel the burn, whilst improving strength, posture and flexibility.
An all levels class
Monday: 6pm - 7pm


Flow & Restore

This class blends together restorative floor based poses (gentle poses to soothe the body and mind held for a few minutes at a time) so to journey further and melt into the soothing poses.

Beginning with breath work and grounding as we open the practice, leading through a gentle flow as we combine the breath with the movement ending with gentle floor based restorative yoga to close the practice.

An all levels class - suitable for beginners

Tuesday: 7.15pm

Yin Yoga

Yin offers you the chance to explore your own energy, and to delve into softness. This 90minute class is perfect for anyone who needs some stillness within their life. Spending time on body, breath or mind, brings connection to the others. Each action creates a ripple, Yin is a tool, it is another way of communicating with your body, and when harnessed you have the chance to learn about yourself and where to nurture.

The gentle poses are held for a few minutes at a time to reach a softening of fascia and muscles.

An all levels class - A monthly 90 min class

One Sunday a month at 4pm

Gong Bath
Collectively bathe in the therapeutic sounds of crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and other magical instruments. After preparing the body with gentle stretches and conscious breath-work, allow yourself to completely switch off, let go and surrender. Invite these harmonious vibratory frequencies to lull you into a deep relaxation, at which point your body can facilitate healing on a cellular level.
An all levels class 
One Wednesday a month at 8pm