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The Fisical Story

Thank you for stopping by and exploring what we have to offer, from the products to the yoga classes - I hope you have found what you're after.


A little about me; After growing up in a lifestyle of natural medicine and aromatherapy, I was introduced at a young age to a clinical aromatherapist who my parents had learned from and became good friends with. Little did I know as a child I too would value the friendship of this dear family friend and forever become my very valued mentor.

After completing a degree in Sports Science I progressed with studying Sports Massage, where I began to question the oils offered in class as to what they contained and what the benefits (if there was any) were. With little response offered I knew it was time to return to the aromatherapy roots to explore the different mediums available by combining essentials oils for their therapeutic benefits so to extend the benefits of the treatments I was offering.


After a successful response from many other practitioners from massage therapists, chiropractors to yoga teachers, I decided to share my unique range of products with the public and this was the beginning of the Fisical oils. 

Since qualifying as a yoga teacher this fueled my desire to play around and concoct even more exciting blends, looking into the emotional benefits essential oils could offer to even creating a yoga mat cleaner that is natural and efficient in killing off the nasties built up on the mat.

This lead to the birth of Fiscal Mind and Body. A platform for all individuals seeking natural alternatives to aid muscle recovery to deodorants. Whatever it may be, but one that is kind to the body and works! I have been told that the products are indeed magical, but please don't just take my word for it explore and try them for yourself.

All of the Fisical products are 100% natural and handmade in the U.K. Where we have never and will never use anything derived from animals or tested on animals. All our products are vegan friendly.

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