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Each teacher will guide you through a practice unique to their own style. Using breathing techniques, to mantras and guided meditation. 




Vinyasa Flow, Slow Vinyasa and Flow & Restore

Ashlyn's yoga classes are fluid moving with breathwork being a key focus to any class. Her dynamic classes are challenging yet nurturing and her restorative classes, soothing and relaxing where she believes that the power of essential oils can play a huge impact on mind, body and spirit.

So depending on the type of class, mood or time of day you will be subjected to essential oils whether through being dispersed lightly into the room through a diffuser or lightly applied through a soothing savasana.


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Anna has been practising Iyengar Yoga for over a decade, having had an interest in yoga since her early twenties. Iyengar Yoga was her homecoming in terms of a regular yoga practice and believes it is best described by BKS Iyengar himself in his book “Light on Yoga”.


 “Is a form of yoga as exercise that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama). Strength, mobility and stability are gained through the asanas.” 


The standards for Iyengar Yoga teacher training and assessments are high and ongoing. We are continuous students looking to develop and evolve our practice. I have been extremely blessed with an amazing teacher – Lin Craddock – so when teaching myself, do my best to pass on what knowledge I have, to enhance the Iyengar Yoga experience of others.



Slow Surrender & Women's Circles

Charlotte has worked with sound from a young age, learning instruments and singing classically throughout school and into adulthood - working with the voice and sound has always been foundational to her wellbeing. Over the last 15years Charlotte's journey of self-development has traversed psychotherapy, yoga, lucid dreaming, breathwork, sound and learning from Indigenous cultrues to honour life as a ceremony. She has qualified as a yoga teacher and as a Crystal Sonic Therapy Sound Bath Practitioner. Charlotte has been holding space for women's circles, yoga and sound baths for eight years.

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Emmeline is trained by The British School of Meditation. She believes meditation gifts us a more mindful life, rooted in awareness and
compassion. Having used this practice to heal from trauma herself, Emmeline loves
nothing more than sharing this practice and helping beginners on their meditation
journeys. As a busy, working mum of two, she offers an authentic approach to
incorporating meditation into your life, offering truly sustainable tools to face life
challenges and engage with ourselves more positively.



Barre & Gong Baths

Lizzy is a mindful movement coach and Sound healer. 

originally a professional dancer Lizzy transitioned into the fitness and wellness industry becoming a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, L3 Personal trainer and Sound therapist. She has taught in many of Londons top bespoke gyms and wellness studios and is passionate about helping others physically, mentally and energetically rebalance and align to the truest expression of themselves.



Power Flow & Yin Yoga

Jen completed her training in California. Her passion for yoga comes from a personal place where she wanted to become more aware of her mental wellbeing. Since then she has been sharing her love for yoga and mindfulness through teaching Hatha and by completing her training into becoming a mental health first aider.

Through focusing on breathing and setting intentions Jen will help guide your experience in a positive and healing way.

Her classes allow you to let go of any stresses, to unwind and be present for yourself whilst on the mat. To her, yoga is accessible to all, and there as a tool to help improve your state of mind



Prenatal Yoga, Mummy & Me

Annabel has been practising yoga for over twenty years and is a fully qualified yoga teacher (500hrs).  Her passion for yoga turned into a thirst for knowledge and spirituality after she experienced a vast array of yoga styles and retreats on her worldwide travels.  In 2005 she embarked on a teacher training course with the Karuna Yoga Centre, led by Ruth White, certified and inspired by B.K.S. Iyengar. 

Once pregnant with her first child, Annabel followed the Ayurvedic Gentle Birth Method and modified her practice to continue her yoga at this magical time. Annabel then successfully completed the Pregnancy Yoga teacher training whilst pregnant with her second child and subsequently her Postnatal Teacher Training at Tri Yoga in London.  Annabel is grateful to all her teachers and continues to study, more recently drawn to Yin Yoga and Chinese medicine, as well as being influenced by the precision and teachings of Jason Crandell.



Crystal Sound Baths

Alice has been teaching for the past 6 years and practising yoga since her early twenties. She received her initial level of training with yoga alliance specialising in alignment based teachings from the Iyengar tradition. Since then has also trained in well woman yoga therapy diploma with Uma Dinsmore Tulli, Crystal Sonic Therapy Level 1 and more recently Level 1 & Level 2 SATYA qualification in sensory attunement and somatics with world renowned teacher Tias Little.

Alice offers a unique blend of yoga, guided meditation, breath work and conscious rest. Creating a safe and nurturing space where you will explore your body moving mindfully with sensory awareness, connecting deeper into the subtle body. 

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Chakra Flow

For Terence, yoga is personal; it is considering
and honouring what your body and soul need from that particular practice. Yoga has
helped Terence find a connection to a deeper consciousness and finds it gifts him a much
fuller, healthier, happier life. 
He believes yoga is for everybody; we all have different bodies and each pose can be
adapted. While Terence found a spirituality in yoga, the changes in mindset through this
ancient practice affect us all. Gymnastics and ego are left at the door, as he guides you
with pure nurturing authenticity.



Morning Flow & Vinyasa Flow

Jess specialises in various types of vinyasa yoga. She teaches carefully thought out, challenging, yet accessible sequences with an emphasis on breath and flowing movement.


Her yoga practice started when she stumbled across a class in Vietnam whilst travelling. Whilst initially drawn by the physical practice, she soon discovered the real power behind connecting body to breath.


Jess has a background in Dance and Personal training which is reflected in her teaching style. She guides students through strong and playful, fluid sequences which enable students to reconnect to their bodies and their breath. Her classes will make you smile and sweat but will leave you feeling full of energy and positivity.

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