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Each teacher will guide you through a practice unique to their own style. Using breathing techniques, to mantras and guided meditation. 




Vinyasa and Restorative yoga & Massage Therapist

Ashlyn's yoga classes are fluid moving with breathwork being a key focus to any class. Her dynamic classes are challenging yet nurturing and her restorative classes, soothing and relaxing where she believes that the power of essential oils can play a huge impact on mind, body and spirit.


Ashlyn is also a massage therapist with a Bsc in Sports Science. Ashlyn combines her deep knowledge of antatomy & physiology alongside her mindfulness practices to create a holsitic treatment, individual to each client.



Rise & Energise Pilates, Postnatal Pilates

Olivia is a certified Body Control Pilates teacher, specialising in pre & postnatal Pilates. With a passion for inspiring healthier, more balanced lives, she believes that movement can give you the gift of confidence that goes beyond the mat, to nurture your physical and mental well-being. In Olivia's classes, you can expect a mindful balance of challenge and flow, with a focus on cultivating core strength, improving mobility, refining posture, elevating mood, and amplifying energy levels. With her warm and supportive teaching style, she tailors each session to individual needs, creating an inclusive environment where all fitness levels can thrive.




Janine’s passion for mindfulness, connection, love and happiness bubbles over.
Having experienced first-hand the benefits of a daily meditation practice, she is
grateful for the life experiences that have brought her to the point where she can
facilitate meditation classes, demystifying this beautiful practice, making it accessible
to all.
She has studied a variety of meditation styles and techniques through The British
School of Meditation, which has given her a deep understanding of meditation and
how it can benefit people in their daily lives.
She believes that mindfulness is a way of life, and loves helping others along the
way to discover their own journey towards peace and well-being.

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Emmeline is trained by The British School of Meditation. She believes meditation gifts us a more mindful life, rooted in awareness and
compassion. Having used this practice to heal from trauma herself, Emmeline loves
nothing more than sharing this practice and helping beginners on their meditation
journeys. As a busy, working mum of two, she offers an authentic approach to
incorporating meditation into your life, offering truly sustainable tools to face life
challenges and engage with ourselves more positively.



Power Flow & Yin Yoga

Jen completed her training in California. Her passion for yoga comes from a personal place where she wanted to become more aware of her mental wellbeing. Since then she has been sharing her love for yoga and mindfulness through teaching Hatha and by completing her training into becoming a mental health first aider.

Through focusing on breathing and setting intentions Jen will help guide your experience in a positive and healing way.

Her classes allow you to let go of any stresses, to unwind and be present for yourself whilst on the mat. To her, yoga is accessible to all, and there as a tool to help improve your state of mind



Dynamic Pilates & Gong Bath's

Lizzy is a mindful movement coach and Sound healer. 

originally a professional dancer Lizzy transitioned into the fitness and wellness industry becoming a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, L3 Personal trainer and Sound therapist. She has taught in many of Londons top bespoke gyms and wellness studios and is passionate about helping others physically, mentally and energetically rebalance and align to the truest expression of themselves.

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Chakra Flow & Awakened Winter Flow

For Terence, yoga is personal; it is considering
and honouring what your body and soul need from that particular practice. Yoga has
helped Terence find a connection to a deeper consciousness and finds it gifts him a much
fuller, healthier, happier life. 
He believes yoga is for everybody; we all have different bodies and each pose can be
adapted. While Terence found a spirituality in yoga, the changes in mindset through this
ancient practice affect us all. Gymnastics and ego are left at the door, as he guides you
with pure nurturing authenticity.



Reflexology & Reiki

Lydia has been a qualified Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner for over 16 years where her areas of focus are women's health and well being.

Lydia also has a depth of experience in supporting couples in their conception journey, pregnancy and postnatal reflexology.  

"As a Holistic Therapist, I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between medicine and the “alternatives,” while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to help people alleviate the stresses of life."

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