Pregnancy + Mother & Baby classes and courses

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga can begin from your second trimester and is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners and can continue right up to the birth of your baby.

This class can relieve aches and pains, boost circulation, strengthen the body for birth and keep you fit; whilst being sensitive to you and your baby.  It’s useful preparation for the birthing experience, learning to control the breathe to facilitate greater control of the breathe during labour.  Yoga also offers the opportunity to bond with your baby and connect with other pregnant women.

  • Please seek medical advice in advance if you have any medical conditions.


Mondays: 7.15pm - 8.15pm

Winter Term

  • 9th January - 6th February


Investment: £15 drop-in or £62.50 for the 5 week course. Please note classes from a term cannot be moved over to another term, if you cannot commit to all the dates then the drop-in option will be most suited to you).






Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Course


These classes are led by Claire the founder of The Bloomme Experience who offers Hypnbirthing & Antenatal courses on Saturdays from Fisical mind & Body studio. Please click here for more information and to book directly through Claire. 


Adult & Child Gratitude Workshops

With these Gratitude workshops, Gersande aims to create a nurturing and peaceful environment for you and your children to thrive. Her gentle and calm energy will bring you peace and joy. She designed the Gratitude Workshops to help children cultivate joy and happiness in a playful and creative way. With the Mums and children version, Gersande creates space for parents/carers and children to connect positively, to guide them to create happiness for themselves and to help parents feeling equipped to practice gratitude in different ways at home afterwards. If you want your children to strengthen their mind and become strong, resilient, happy human beings, this workshop is for you. There will be a creative activity with each session as well as some peaceful practice. Gersande believes that the earlier you practice the better, that parents can plant the seeds of gratitude for their children now and see them flourish. 

Come to spend an hour of positivity with your child and leave relaxed, happy and grateful

Wednesdays: 10:30am

Mother & Baby yoga

A wonderful opportunity to nurture and strengthen yourself after birth and is suitable for mums with babies 6 weeks plus or when you feel your body is ready for a regular practice. 


This class focuses on you by reconnecting to your body and breath. Strengthening back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and releasing tension in shoulders and hips, as well as incorporating somatic movement to re-regulate the nervous system  It’s a beneficial way to support your body as it rebalances while also bonding and engaging with your baby and connecting with other parents.


  • Classes are suitable for Beginners.

  •  If in doubt please consult with your GP for advice on when to resume practising.

Fridays: 10:30am

New Year Term: 13th January - 24th February (no class 10th Feb)




Mother & baby Pilates

This class is specifically designed to heal and strengthen the core and pelvic floor following the birth of your gorgeous baby (or babies!!) 


We will stretch and strengthen tight, tired muscles, improve breathing dynamics and work on techniques to aid rest and relaxation. 


We have created a relaxing, comfortable and safe environment to bring your baby and meet other likeminded parents. We want everyone to feel welcome but most importantly please feed, change or comfort and cuddle your baby at anytime during the class.

*all dates are subject to change, term fees and all classes are non transferable. If you are working with a pelvic health physio we are happy to work alongside them to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. 

  • Term fees and all classes are non transferable

  • If you are working with a pelvic health physiology we are happy to work alongside them to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

  •  If in doubt please consult with your GP for advice on when to resume exercise.

There are two 6 week terms to choose from;

Returning soon


Baby Massage

Teaching full body massage with teething & colic routines, complimentary refreshments, including massage oil

Inclusive to all.


Suitable for babies from 6 weeks to crawling

These classes are led by Lauren from Little Monsters Massage. For more information visit Lauren's Instagram page: @littlemonstersmassage.

Please book directly through Lauren:

Wednesdays: 11am - 12pm


(4 week Term held monthly from Fisical mind & body studio)