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Manifest your dreams - Sunday 26th January

Join Ashlyn and Lauren for an afternoon of fluid movement and creativity as we been our 2020 visions into fruition.

Ashlyn will guide you through a 90 minute slow vinyasa flow practice, brining focus to Svadhisthana chakra (the sacral chakra) the centre of original, unfiltered emotions and creative power. Allowing your creative energy to flow freely and abundantly.

We will follow this up by exploring and expressing the dreams we wish to manifest through vision boarding and creating a personal sankalpa (intention) that will support you in turning these dreams into reality.

Lauren will close the afternoon with yoga nidra - also known as 'yogic sleep' which is a powerful mediative practice to help the body relax and restore, while the mind remains inwardly alert, creating the perfect fertile ground to plant the seeds of your dreams and desires in to.

Herbal teas and plenty of healthy snacks will be available during our mini break following the 90 minute flow practice.

​Mats, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters will all be provided for the ultimate relaxing restorative class.

Date: Sunday 26th January

Time: 12pm - 4pm

Price: £45

Location: Fisical mind & body studio

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