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The Moon is earth’s oldest temple holding the potency of countless prayers since the dawn of time… a bell whose ringing brings you into the field of the Mother, where body and soul can quietly drink. 

Dana Gerhardt, MOONCIRCLES

We look up to the sky and we see the shining moon beaming back at us, she is part of this earth and our everyday life. But for approximately 3 days a month, she goes dark. We call this the new moon phase.

At this time the moon’s orbit around Earth moves in between the Earth and the Sun creating the Moon's surface to look dark, because the illuminated side is facing away from us. This new moon phase marks the beginning of the lunar cycle and provides us with the energy to make changes, set intentions, create or manifest and even simply just devote time to rest.

I have been working with the cyclical nature of the moon for years now and within this sacred container I have learnt more about myself, receiving more wisdom than any book, guru or teacher. It has brought me closer to what is sacred and what is true. And with this, using the cycles of the moon to make life sacred, with ritual and rhythm, inspiring me to live in harmony returning me home to my own cyclical nature.


So, I am excited to offer this very special workshop.

A space to rest, remember and reclaim; Honouring the fluidity of life as you live with season and cycle. This monthly space, a mini retreat is for you to devote time and space just for you.

This is a space for you to receive the cyclical nature of your being by deepening your connection to what is true to you. To find ritual & remembrance in your life, creating a space so that you can surrender, rest and reclaim any parts of yourself that feel scattered or lost. Be open to possibility, new growth and new beginnings.

Through deep rest and the expansive healing sounds of the Alchemy singing bowls we will reflect and a create a space to welcome in new life with the setting of intentions.

We will honour the month /cycle that has passed, drawing upon any reflections through guided meditation; creating sacred space to share and pull oracle cards for any intentions to rise. Then laying down to receive liminality and spaciousness offering deep rest. It is in this space we will create a rich and fertile soil so that we can be nourished with love, into the next cycle ahead.


New Moon Sound Ceremony and rest retreat

  • Restorative meditation & gentle loving movement

  • Radical Rest

  • Alchemy Crystal Sound Bath

  • Oracle Cards and Intention setting

  • Sharing circle

  • Sweet treats and herbal tea to ground and nourish


Investment £40

Timings - 6.00-8.00pm

Dates: Sunday 7th November, Sunday 5th December

Location: Fisical Mind & Body, Dartford Road, Sevenoaks

  • Please note we do not offer refunds on events, so please be sure you can attend before booking, unless someone else can take your spot.


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