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Reconnecting to our inner being Day Retreat - Sunday 17th November

Join us for an intimate yoga day retreat away from any external activity from the beautiful Samsara Yoga & Retreat. As we prepare for winter with a warming day filled with yoga, delicious food, treatments, workshop, discounted Fisical products, ending with a nourishing restorative practice with goodie bags filled with wonderful treats to take home. 

During winter the earth appears to sleep in the prolonged darkness, where underneath the earth nature is gathering its energy for regeneration of Spring. Just as the seasons change we will delve deeply to explore our inner realms, using this as an opportunity to practice self acceptance, take time to listen and recharge, nurture and nourish ourselves as if we are seedlings. 

10.30am: Welcoming arrival with a ginger shot, a chance to feel settled and meet your fellow yogi's. Where we will begin our first practice journeying through a slow and mindful vinyasa flow, bringing warmth and creative movement into our practice whilst synchronising our breath alongside our movements, ending with a guided meditation.

From around 12.30pm we will enjoy a delicious lunch catered by Kim Parsons where she will be creating a wonderful colourful lunch to warm and nourish us inside out. Along with tasty treats and plenty of refreshments. Take an opportunity to relax by the fire pit, explore the gardens (be sure to wear something warm if you do). Relax indoors, explore the pop-up shop or unwind with a mini 15 minute reflexology treatment with Carmen.

Reflexology treatments are £12 paid directly to Carmen. To make a booking email: as there are only limited spaces available.


1.45pm: Learn to make and use your own smudge stick, an ancient ritual used to cleanse and restore energy to bring us back to harmonious balance. Followed by teas and energy balls,

3pm: We will move through a restorative practice to nurture and nourish the system on all levels. A combination of floor based postures to promote relaxation, and soothe the nervous system - bringing balance to body, heart and mind. Finding full comfort with blankets, eye pillows and bolsters so that your body whilst receiving a gentle massage with some soothing oil to your neck, temples and forehead, to fully transport you in a real sense of relaxation.​

​Investment includes, lunch, snacks, refreshments and all the materials for the workshop along with; Mats, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters will all be provided for the ultimate relaxing restorative class.

We look forward to welcoming you to a warm heart felt Day Retreat,

Ashlyn, Carmen & Amy x

Date: Sunday 17th November

Time: 10.30am-4pm

Price: £88 

Location: Samsara Yoga & Retreat,Clements Cottage, West Peckham, Kent ME18 5JP

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