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Awaken your Vision

Saturday 23rd January

Join Ashlyn and Lauren for an afternoon of intention setting as we plant the seeds for our 2021 visions.

Allow us to hold space for you to explore and embody your dreams and wishes through gentle movement, meditation and creative vision boarding - to help you anchor and nurture all that you wish to come to life in the weeks and months to come. 

This will be an afternoon of support and creativity to bring to life a visual reminder that will help inspire you in taking steps - big and small - all year long. 

Ashlyn will guide you through a gentle 30 minute yoga practice (no experience is necessary) bringing focus to Svadhisthana chakra (the sacral chakra) the centre of original, unfiltered emotions and creative power. Allowing your creative energy to flow freely and abundantly for the afternoon. An opportunity to shake out, rinse out, move and breath before dropping into stillness as you explore your internal spaces and connect with your truth and inner guidance. Getting clear on what matters to you.

As we drop into stillness after our movement practice, Lauren will guide you through a meditation journey to visualise and connect to your dreams and intentions through a gentle, yet powerful practice. No previous meditation experience is necessary - simply an open heart and an open mind. 

With our hearts ready to receive, and creative energy running freely. We will begin our vision boards. Vision boards are an incredible resource used to support you in manifesting your goals, dreams and desires. A collage containing pictures, words, quotes, affirmations and anything else that you desire to put to your board. 

To add an extra sprinkle of magic to our time together, while we embrace our creative exploration, Lauren will pull an oracle card for each of us to provide us with extra guidance and support in our dream weaving. 

After the oracle readings we will close our virtual circle, giving space for anyone wanting to share to the group and if you wish to continue working on your vision board you can take all the time you need after we end. 

Prior to the event we will provide you with a PDF on how to prepare your space for the retreat and gather your creative tools, as well as some inspiration through affirmations and words that can be printed and used on your boards. 

To bring an extra level of potency to your process, you can also choose to purchase the beautiful Manifest Your Dreams blends created lovingly by Ashly to support you in the workshop and beyond. 

Date: Saturday 23rd January

Time: 2pm-4pm

Price: £20

Location: Live-streamed on Zoom from the comfort of your home

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