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Basic Elements - 4 week Course

A four week course offering an introduction to yoga, or as a refresher to return to practice.


Starting Tuesday 11th January

Teaching you the fundamentals of a Yoga Practice, from Postures, Breath-work to guided meditation. With each week covering different elements, along with an understanding to why they are introduced in a class.

The course will cover:

  • Physical postures: known as "Asanas" introducing you to alignment for your body and learn how to adapt/modify your practice. The benefits of the poses and key "Sanskirt" (yoga terminology for the names of poses) names which are frequently used during a class. Including how to move and adapt Sun Salutations - commonly applied in any "flow" class​.

  • Breath-work: Understand the importance/benefits of utilising your breath during a class as well as learn different breathing techniques to enhance mindfulness and relaxation.

  • Philosophy of chakras: Understand the 7 main energy systems, how they correspond with our major organs, nervous system and energetic body. Learn poses and guided meditation to activate different energy systems.

  • Meditation: Yoga is an ancient form of meditation, learn simple and effect techniques and understand the reason behind ending a yoga practice in a "savasana" (lying meditation).

When: 11th Jan - 1st Feb | 9:30am - 10.30am

Investment: £50

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