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Containers and oil information

About our containers


At fisical we are passionate about health and are committed to offering ethically resourced materials that complement both the wellbeing of others and that of our world.

For these reasons we chose PET containers for all our massage oils as they prevent the oils from reacting with the container and were hygienically safe and resistant to micro-organisms. Yet the product contained no dioxins, phthalates and endocrine disruptors. 

We also discovered it was energy-efficient and had a lower environmental impact than either glass, or aluminium; according to the latest research. It was therefore an ideal choice for both out products and in meeting our ethos to sustainability and regeneration of natural resources.



About our oils


The quality of our products defines who we are

Fisical uses only oils that comply with the highest grade of therapeutically sound essential oils. These are all natural plant extracts that have been controlled to the highest levels of purity, from approved suppliers, and subjected to physical and chemical testing to ensure it is of the highest therapeutic quality and free of adulteration or contamination.

All our essential oils have been subjected to Gas Liquid Chromatography, a process that is capable of routinely identifying constituents and contaminates down to a few parts per billion.

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