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Fri, Apr 05


Fisical mind & body studio

Bionic Breathwork

See below for more details & book a space.

Bionic Breathwork
Bionic Breathwork

Time & Location

Apr 05, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM

Fisical mind & body studio, 40 Dartford Rd, Sevenoaks TN13 3TQ, UK

About the event

"Bionic  Breathwork will take your mind and your body on a journey, you will  experience physical sensations, heightened emotions and changes in body  temperature. You will be held in a safe space while you journey into the  subconscious and take your body through a myriad of sensations”

What is Bionic Breathwork: Bionic Breathwork is a transformative practice that has the power to  unlock your full potential and enhance your well-being. Where some types  of Breathwork are relaxing and down regulate the nervous system, Bionic  Breathwork is extremely active and up regulates the nervous system.   

What happens during a session: During a Bionic Breathwork session, you will be guided through a series  of intentional breathing exercises, a 3 part and 2 part breath with  breath holds in between, designed to activate and energize your body and  mind. The breathing is through the mouth, not the nose. It comes under  the umbrella of Conscious Connected Circular Breathing. By consciously  controlling your breath, you can tap into the sympathetic nervous system  and allowing access your subconscious.    

What to expect: Expect to experience a range of effects during and after a bionic Breathwork session. As you engage in deep, rhythmic breathing, you may  feel a surge of energy, changes is body temperature, tingling, cramped  hands (Tetany, also known as lobster claw hands, this returns to normal  very soon after). You may experience heightened emotions such as crying  or even laughing.    

 ~Clients may have visualisations, smells and hear sounds. It ignites the  senses allowing us to experience our body and it’s energy.~  

The practice is amazing for releasing trapped trauma from the body,  remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs, bring higher levels of  self awareness and enhance creativity. It also reduces stress and  anxiety, improves sleep and promote mental and emotional well-being.     

Each Bionic Breathwork session is a unique journey. Whether you're  seeking to boost productivity, find inner peace, or explore new realms  of self-discovery, Bionic Breathwork offers a powerful tool for personal  growth and transformation.    

Please note that Bionic Breathwork is best experienced under the  guidance of a trained facilitator or instructor. They can provide proper  instruction, ensure your safety, and help you navigate the various  techniques. 

Please consider the following contraindications and talk to  your medical provider before booking the class:    

*Heart conditions (present or past) 

*Uncontrolled blood pressure 

*Respiratory issues 

*Detached retina or eye issues  


 *Uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid  



*Psychotic disorders or severe mental issues *

Aneurysm in the brain or stomach

Preparation for class

Empty Stomach: Please do not eat or drink for 2-3 hours prior to class (small sips of water is ok).

Comfortable clothing: We will be fully extending our bellies with breath so please dress in loose comfortable clothing.

About Rachel

As  a Control Practitioner and Mindset Coach with the use of hypnosis,  Rachel has been working with clients for the past four years helping  them overcome issues such as addiction, phobias, anxiety, limiting  beliefs, low self esteem, low confidence and emotional overwhelm. Along  her journey she also trained in Bionic Breathwork, a modality that uses  conscious connected circular breathing that she her herself benifited  from immensely for her own past trauma.

Rachel  soon learned that the practice of breathwork was transformational not  only to her mental and emotional wellbeing but also to her physical  wellbeing. As the saying goes “we store our issues in our tissues” and  Bionic Breathwork is an incredible way to release trauma and anxiety  from our physical bodies.

As  Rachel is so passionate about helping others heal, grow and transform  it was only natural that she would train in it and incorporate this into  her work. Rachel has an extremely warm and gentle manner and is skilled  in guiding you through sessions where you will utilise your breath to  release and give relief to anything that does not serve you, to set  positive intensions, remove limiting beliefs, gain self awareness, boost  confidence and make life changing transformations.

When: Friday 5th April | 7pm - 8.15pm

Investment: £25

B O O K  H E R E

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