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How to use fisical range



Allergies/sensitive skin

If you are unsure whether you may be allergic to any essential oils or generally have sensitive skin; we recommend that you apply a patch test before use. In order to do this, apply a small amount of oil/salts to the open side of your wrist or to the crook of your arm. If the area becomes redden or you experience any unsual symptoms please do not use the oils. If you do not experience any symptoms after a maximum of 10 minutes the oil/salts is suitable to apply to your skin.


The fisical range is unfortunately unsuitable to use during pregnancy and not recommended to use during nursing. However, we are currently creating an additional product for all the mum's to be and new mum's who like to keep active during and following the nursing stages of pregnancy.

Using the oils 

The fisical oil range has been specially blended to absorb quickly into the skin so the usual greasy feel of massage oils is avoided. Furthermore the sunflower oil with its high percentage of vitamin E creates a smooth feel to the skin as well as providing additional benefits to the skin. In addition, you will find that less oil is needed compared to conventional massage mediums. Due to the mustard being a very strong stimulant which improves circulation to the skin when massaged into the body, allowing the oils to heat instantly upon first touch, which is greatly advantageous to both the therapist and the client as it allows the therapist to stimulate and treat the muscles very effectively with the accelerated warmth from the improved circulation. Furthermore, mustard contains high amounts of magnesium which helps to relieve discomfort to sore muscles.

To extend the benefits of your treatment, the fisical range is available for sporting and fitness enthusiasts to apply from home, at the gym or wherever you choose to take your oil. Simply massage into the body in sweeping movements and apply as necessary. Please see 'The fisical range' for any further information on how to apply.


Using the salts


The fisical salts range have been carefully mixed into magnesium salts also known as Epsom Salts, taking the formulas used in the oil range and beautifully combined into the salts to offer an alternitive or an addition with post sport/asana/fitness/hard working day. 

Unilke the epsom salts alone, where you would need to fill a bath with at least a half a kg or a 1kg in order to reep the benefits of the salts. The carefully blended oils mixed into the salts allows you to use far less, only a few scoops is needed for the bath as well as receiving more benefits to assist the body than the salts alone.

As an added 'tip' before entering a warm bath, dampen the tips of your fingers in water and dip them into the salts and rub the said salts into any achy achy areas before submerging into the bath and soaking for at least 20 minutes.

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