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On Demand classes

Over the Christmas period we have a selection of On Demand Classes for you to enjoy, so you can choose a class to suit your mood and enjoy in your time. All classes will be yours to hop into as many times as you would like until the 4th January.

Please note when booking it will say book to for the 1/01/21 - but please do not worry, your recording will be sent immediately after you have booked.


As a gift to you the classes will be discounted.

60 minute class £7

30 minute class £4

If you are in a package;

60 minute class: 30 minutes credit

30 minute class: 22.5 minutes worth of credit

Classes to choose from

Vinyasa flow recordings

Hatha recordings

Restorative recordings

Yogalates recordings

Slow & Gentle flow recordings

30 minute recordings

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