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Creating space to practice yoga (1 minute Video) by Jen

The beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere and in all honesty all you need to practice is a clear space, you don't even need a mat, you can practice on a rug or directly to your wooden floorboards or on the grass outside in nature.

Where to create your space:

  • Choose a room or area in your home that’s free of distractions (or almost free), a space for me-time, clear yourself a little area that doesn't feel cluttered

  • If you have an outdoor space then take your practice outdoors

  • A flat surface however is key for balancing postures and to root down into the Earth

  • If you are practicing in the daytime a room with an abundance of natural light is wonderful

  • In the evening, dim the lights and feel free to light candles, have a blanket nearby and maybe an eye pillow

  • The use of scents can be so powerful to creating your space, from burning incense to diffusing essential oils - feel free to see the section about aromatherapy on this website as different oils can play a huge impact on our mood (I will write a post separately about this)

  • Play light music can hugely impact your mood, whether it's your own playlist or following a playlist by one of your teachers

  • If you are attending a meditation or sound healing classes, using headphones can be a wonderful way to really immerse you into the practice.

Watch this short video by Jen on tips on how to create your space to practice yoga from home

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