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S T O R E S:

The Fisical products can already be found in many yoga and fitness studios as well as healthcare practices in and around London, where they have been very well received by both the practitioners who use them and by the clients who purchase them! If you would like to stock the Fisical products upon your shelves within your practice/yoga studio/fitness studio/shop. We provide trade prices especially for bulk orders made to us.

R E T R E A T S:

It's always lovely to offer welcoming gifts on retreats, especially after a few days of fitness or yoga asana we can always get a bit achy. So what better way than offer the gift of Fisical oils, to rub and soothe into those achy muscles, so that they may continue to enjoy their retreat even more! At Fisical we offer special discounted rates for those wishing to purchase Fisical products as Retreat gifts!


T H E R A P I S T S & T E A C H E R S:
We also offer a therapist and teacher scheme at a discounted price for those wanting to use our products. Simply email us on the email below with a copy of your qualification certificate from an internationally recognised governing body along with a certificate of your insurance from a recognised body Receiving 15% off!



For further details on the following topics, please email us on the address below or leave us a message through the contact form.

Please note: T R A D E  . P R I C E S when emailing to:



S A M P L E S:

We understand that you would like to try out our beautifully blended products before comitting to making a bulk order, that we are so sure you will love the Fisical products as much as we do, that we will offer you a complmentary FREE sample!

Simply email us the company you are enquiring on behalf and we will have them sent to you!

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