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"As a therapist you are always looking for ways in which you can improve your treatment, giving your clients the most effective massage possible. fisical oils is one way in which I'm able to do this. This range of oils means I can select the ones best suited to my client's needs, whether they're muscular or joint specific, or pre or post sport. My clients have all said they've noticed a difference after using fisical oils - they recover more quickly and their comfort is restored. From a therapist point of view, the oils are nice to work with; they are light and glide on well, without leaving a greasy residue. They're also suitable for sensitive skin, which is a big plus for me personally. I highly recommend fisical oils for therapists and clients alike"                                              

Nikki Roy 

sport massage therapist & Director of Body Mechanics





"I have personally used Fisical oils and also used them on my patients and the results have been fantastic. The subtle addition of ingredients that have well documented healing properties have meant that these oils have been extremely useful especially with respect to reducing the severity of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) in athletes and amateurs doing heavy exercise. The oils also last a long time during treatment meaning you can avoid endless application of the oil as is the case for many other products I have used. 

I can strongly recommend the use of these oils both for personal and professional use and they are now the oil of choice for the massage therapists we have working in the clinic. It is great to see a good product taken that little bit further following careful consideration of the ingredients. "
Dr Luther Moss
DC, MChiro, PgCert, MCC




"I am using Fisical oils both as a massage therapist and for myself. I have found this range of oils to be amongst the best I have come across: as a practitioner, I find the oils great to work with, they are highly absorbent and don't leave a greasy feeling on the skin, they are nut-free which is a big advantage, and the blends are unique to anything else I have tried before. My clients have noticed the difference in their treatments once I started using Fisical oils, and also use the oils themselves now as aftercare for treatments and workouts.
I personally use the oils as part of my fitness routine; the Pre-Sport blend has helped tremendously in my running and helped to pretty much eliminate soreness in my legs when I apply it before my runs.
Fisical oils are very skilfully blended, high quality oils and they are my first choice to work with, use for myself, and recommend to anyone."
Annabelle Haberkorn
Massage Therapist




"From someone that would have never have gone out to buy essential oils, I now can't recommend fisical oils enough. After acquiring a gift pack I used the pre-sport before a race and ran a PB. Since then after hard sessions when normally I would use compression tights to help my recovery I have found the fisical muscle oils works wonders on my recovery. As I said, I can't recommend them enough and as a personal trainer I now recommend them to all my clients."

Harry Boyle

Personal Trainer & Director of Whatever The Weather/ GB Triathlete 

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