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Holistic therapies at Fisical

Massage Therapy with Ashlyn

Whether you are looking to unwind, preparing for motherhood, aiding recovery from an injury or utilising it as a way to prevent injury from occurring. Each treatment will be carefully adapted based on the individuals needs to ensure the best treatment is offered.

Ashlyn combines her experience and knowledge of sports massage, remedial massage and myofascial release to offer a tailored treatment which not only assists in alleviating discomfort, but also offers a holistic approach, to ensure the treatment feels very therapeutic and almost mediative upon receiving. Where Ashlyn firmly believes it is important to encourage the mind and body to feel soothed and calm whilst receiving a massage, especially when offering injury management.

With the modern stresses of our daily lives caused by repetitive actions we undertake from work, hobbies or lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from massage on a regular basis. Rather than being a luxury/rare event, having regular massage will help with aches and pains, posture, stress and overall health.

Ashlyn also offers pregnancy massage from 12 weeks onwards, and can be with you right until the very end where Ashlyn has been honoured to have helped mums to be feel safe, relaxed and comfortable during such a beautiful time in their lives. Pregnancy massage is a wonderful way to ease any niggles that have surfaced during pregnancy.

Unless requested, all treatments are massaged with the use of specially selected 100% natural therapeutic based essential oils from the Fisical Oils range to enhance the benefits of the treatment.

The main benefits from massage are;

  • Prevention of injury

  • Decreased recovery time after exercise/strenuous activity

  • Increased flexibility and range of movement

  • Breakdown of scar tissue

  • Increased mobility joints

  • Improvement of lymphatic flow

  • Improve sleep pattern

Ashlyn is available on: Tuesdays through to Saturdays at the studio. Email: to request a booking

Reflexology with Carmen

Carmen offers over 20 years experience as an aromatherapist, holistic massage therapist, reiki practitioner and reflexologist where she combines her extensive knowledge and experience to offer a tailored reflexology session.

Reflexology is based on the principal that the body is mapped onto the feet, hands and ears and that working specific pressure points brings about change in the corresponding organs, glands, or structures of the body. It is thought to help the free flow of energy around the body improving the circulation and stimulating the organs of elimination. This is believed to bring the body back to state of equilibrium, thereby promoting the body's natural healing power.

Carmen also offers reflexology to pregnant ladies over 12 weeks. An extremely relaxing treatment for mums to be that can also help with promoting contractions towards the end of term.

Carmen is available on Saturdays at the studio. Email: to make a booking.

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